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Jul 29, 2012 4:30pm EDT
about cnn, but the fact is they're working together. so the idea that the justice department would be willing to, um, peddle this george soros-funded web site material to try and discredit the entire book, um, really shows what they're interested in. they're not interested in answering any questions, as usual they're handing it off to an outside organization. but also they are collaborating on messaging and using media matters as a way to get their talking points out to the media. >> katie, i have a question. this is such a dumb, stupid plan that anybody in this room would have vetoed such a dumb plan as that. so that you get the impression that it's not just a food plan that made a -- a good plan that made a mistake and wasn't followed through. there must have been some important hidden purpose of it behind. >> well, and that's one thing that's important to get to the bottom of. and the reason why president obama was pushing for solyndra loans was because his motive was to get more green energy in the united states, right? so what was the motive behind operation and furious? the p
Jul 7, 2012 1:00pm EDT
also watc mr. toobin regulay on cnn. thanks for joining us here at exer uxtmhe01 inesin umks a her tprising in libya and the eventual overthrow of leader moammarmo gadhafi. this is about 50 mines.h [alausun leju cfy m erkior t chicago tribune, that was many years ago, but it is i my bio,ao and thank you for mentioning it. [laughter] my historyand thanyou for mentionit oder alom nisardnk qadhafi presided over libya from 1969 until 2011. the longest period approval of any postcolonial arabr. beedn ele guide, and the brother leader. he steered a ship of state that anmaghwhati t hse t s operolth ory in gains aofrders of libya, thstor whe inf naihi december 1988, which claimed the lives of 270 people, including 189 americans relingseite cey akeaon aes and hoping his mass of weapons of mass dection l tar igdleiise, rdte expectancy of his people, using oil revenues that allowed him to avoid the perils of foreign debt. nonetheless, with the arab itn luary fervor.e eight months later, in aimbcagnd011, assisted by a onpidy took control of libya, and executed gaddafi, opening up a new chapte
Jul 1, 2012 5:30pm EDT
to compete with "the new york times" or with cnn. so i don't really see very much of that happening for us. >> morgan entrekin, what changes do you see coming down the road that we should be aware of? >> you know, i agree with what jonathan says in terms of the form changing some. we've done one enhanced e-book or app with an australian scientist named tim flannery. he did a book that's a natural history of the planet from the big bang until today, and it lent itself to, you know, sort of graphs and videos and putting a lot of the scientific stuff in. we have a new media company called arcade sunshine, and they produced a really brilliant piece. but what my experience of using it was television sort of like reading a book and -- it was sort of like reading a book and watching a documentary at the same time. so i think that somebody who's 23 probably is more fluent in multitasking or absorbing media in a different way. i think with the change, change in form will happen. i mean, if you look at network television or some of the fiction that's published now, 50 years ago those forms would hav
Jul 7, 2012 9:00am EDT
court, people are reminded of the dewey defeats truman came with the supreme court nomion n e w y cnn s t headline wrong real quick. >> host: david pietrusza,ack to 1920 herbert hoover w t deatries s. heeiss areic the were not of democrats in his hometown, and with the town lutio whhewas haneogsse ao thfoswovo woodrow wilson. he had been a member of the wilson administration, domestic ynwaewh inistratn. hadon wiln with his reputation enhanced. he writes of a book called the alwow wiso a t moictyhaar t p opd hr wings. southern reactionaries, big city crooks and agrarian that's. he says i don't want any part of that or o ath r ptyhasoin ames. >> host: in your book "1920: the year of the 6 presidents" published in 27 you right ey lditeans fe an prenprob deatgoasse ut of the way. >> guest: woodrow wilson decides he was a great for a ye. lookt worols you e ntlm hhi andkse a thseo ollow who was in favor of prohiti. he lkse ryoi a bit thadis rutioas speaker. he is going on again. he has the stroke in colorado and comes back as an invut netonyhe ino e iecaide. ret er former secretary of the tr
Jul 8, 2012 2:00pm EDT
in new york city for about an hour. ant thx s cnn syic rad program the monica crowley show. shalso has been a regular panelist on the madonna and a shd afoig riar non from 1990 until his death in 1994 and broke two st sellers about her experiences xon ndix winter. she also has written for the new yorker, the "wall street journal", the los aes times fon tihe hp lectured at yale university, columbia university and mit ol t mteeges wee al y dr. monica. in a recent interview on her new bookhat t bepust guto gmenwarors ba onay president obama is redistributing everything that ou wh, a oica great, j li oull peur borders, and our very exceptional as an. monica is one of the most brillitnd said the youn moly a. aievesaroey the great american patriarch. now, it is my pleasure to introduce to all ofou [ala >>nk. well, what an introduction. i think i have to take you with me everywhere i go. thank yo vyuch forha wery a v ne oou. thn,nk sucor in t d held atll oyou came out tonight. i know how busy everybody's lives a. the fact the took some time out tonight to cebrate myewk thrl m. le srtitheit my
Jul 15, 2012 4:00am EDT
tim voon ms. lindsey hilsum is familiar to her audience for her appearances on the pbs news hour, cnn, and nbc. she has covered the major conflicts of the past two irkoov dis, el as the israeli-palestinian conflict and genocide the genocide in rwanda. in 2001, she reported from egypt as well aslbya. r joral honer reni from amnesty international. please join me in welcoming journalists and author, lindsey hilsum. [applause] [applause] liy, let's start with you talking about your reporting trips to the region last year. tell us about how you were able to navigate the w urcoatite n, a ten o the people that you observed and interacted with them. i would just like to add, in addition to providing a hiy ibwhhenrivo done is we've and profiles of libyans, both who had been in the country all along, and some who have returned to libya , to help us better understand how the revolution had an impact on ordinary people. >> ank you very much for ming. chago isn azingplace, a waom tripoli.iev lng lester, the arab spring, i guess that was the year i went into journalism for. it was the most extraor
Jul 15, 2012 11:00am EDT
and there was the same smell. the home of cnn or nt e lebuhwcy the orders field that they sort of have been into this building. the building became the key interconnection point in portland, essentially the dominant spot in oregon where the nernemes, hc i ed aubl you know, you're charging rent for both the cage, but also charging rent for what's cald the cross connection between one cage in the other. so his buildingison- oerecisely, that equinox is essentially in the real estate business. they own the land and i wasn't surprised to see that it mashburn they paid their underlying row inmates. c mitosthe street. it's like a coral reef and that piece of dirt is incredibly important. but you kno, the la around ashburn is incredibly valuable fora >>yor book, you include churchill, how we ceate our buildings and our buildings create us. in terms of te architecture some of thcituan ifuigst ssinepnt itret ben created. these tubes, what are they doing to us? i ma yainis aia eratas ngchh physical world was living entirely in front of the screen. one of the great pleasures of visiting the in
Jul 28, 2012 11:30am EDT
is so aloof from the particulars of this country. that is why someone like tom hanks can get up at cnn say, obama has been so great. he's actually expanded the expectations of what a president can do. i mean, what world do you live in where he's expanded your expectations? but wow, i did know he could do so much. this is so awesome. sign me up. combat is because bottom line is hollywood isemotional. they are emotional by their very duties. they have to play other people almost every single day of their lives and get us to go spend 15 bucks to hear -- to watch a movie. they are emotional beings. that's her talent and that's where they're attracted to liberalism because what is liberalism? liberalism is nothing more than a temper tantrum with a political labor attached to it. every time you have a rational discussion of what to do with the country, you want to go ahead and reform medicare or social security, and you see what her take on that, mathematically these programs are going broke, so somebody like paul ryan puts together, certainly not radical proposals, but proposals that would
Jul 7, 2012 8:30pm EDT
dtoaohe and he was going to paint, put on his medals and as bry w bokfrow his plane tothe hi tat adaidor oer nd yl ver be separated again becau non-guesser rightly assumed that whoever was the first to cross the atlantic would makellis inghdd iaa. all evidence today seems to point to the fact that he wa indeed the first across the atnticnd dre mee eeefand oa cti thes encemt itt at rhwa shot down by a rum runner. this is prohibion. so if this is rgeser nobgmu ur hetemer prohibition. thisis -- this is chamberlin once again and th owner of h luhs lchlevi levine owned this blog called the columbiappeared it was the best planef the bunch at the time. anibgwa ed em dulitoan fact, he more or less painted him as a duplicitous wihn sp o. s us coiahis rand then levine away from him at the last minute. levine was the first satltic ilnepser lirgntosmy2, 21. chamberlin -- lindbergh wen across in may. ac i ued levie wn. wfur ler d. wathe only flyer who did not receive a letter of commendation from common glitch. sot levine. levine is that the one of the set piece. many called him may not e
Jul 14, 2012 7:00pm EDT
fuimpp,nd - lleror i came home, turned on the television, and everyone on television, cnn, and msnbc re all talking about the veryhings i have been talking about for years with rocky flats. brtryg t hfukuimre rctheue i is country and beyond, and i think it changed the conversation. i think people are mu more willing to look add what happened not only with the nuclear weapons policy and progms b allearo dnsin mng frd afuof fixing up the aging nuclear power plants and maybe building more. you know, one of thehingwe have to take into consideration is the human cost of all of these things, and i think that's one thing people have not talked i t ogl ea ie trhaot contaminated, local neighborhoods, local areas. maybe there is one. i don't know. i don't know of any. i thi they got a 100% recd on t. yeruens okay. well, thank you so much for being here. [applause] thu'seb.more information, visit
Jul 14, 2012 9:00pm EDT
afterwards, i was on cnn interviedded, and at the conclusion of the interview, teweke tma s d you about being a vice presidential candidate? [laughter] he said you're from a key state at democrats have to win; plus, as a leader of the clinton patoer a.lpbr i said, no, they have not. to be honest, i think they hve no intention of picking somebody like me to be of a free spirit to be theresidtial meeerent a i wod no cn't resist. miming used to say -- midge used to s i have a lot of boy in me. i couldn't resist and said one last thing. on the positive side, we'd be a great balanced tt because i re aag - caiar a flag pen, and he doesn't. that's what president obama got grief for not wearing a pen. i was off the air at 2:31. then my phone rang, and it was [lterrhi speune person here in chicago thought that was funny. [laughter] i said, david, come on, you guys got to get e sense of humor, noeroul r ma it t goseof humor, but made it to november just find. thank you, all. [laughter] [applae] >> you're watching 48 urs of non-fiction authors and boks on >> there's been a hostility through poverty. it'
Jul 21, 2012 8:00am EDT
on the television, and everyone on television on cnn and msnbc -- they were all talking about the very things i have been talking about for years with rocky flats. i think that fukushima really brought everything to a head with officials in this country and beyond. i think it has changed the conversation and i think people are much more willing to look at what has happened not only with our nuclear weapons policies and programs, but also with nuclear power and as we consider moving forward into the future. we may be building more. one thing we must take into consideration is the human cost. that is one thing people don't talk about vermont. i don't know of a singular nuclear site that is not contaminated -- contaminating local neighborhoods and areas. maybe there is one. but i think they have a 100% record on that. are there any other questions? >> thank you so much for being here. [laughter] [applause] [applause] [applause] [applause] >> for more information, visit the author's website kristen here's a look at some books that are being published this week. the only surviving child of w
Jul 1, 2012 12:30am EDT
, and on september 19, jeffrey tubein, legal analyst for cnn and the new yorker, will discuss his book, the oath, the obama white house, and the supreme court. if you would like to receive an e-mail about up coming book wraps there's a list outside so please sign up and we'll keep you in touch on upcoming book wraps. >> all of our book wraps here benefit the national press club journalism institute which is why we restrict outside books. copies of tim's book may be purchased if you haven't done so already, outside in the hallway. >> please do, thank you. >> joining tim on the panel this evening is chip cronkite, a producer, editor and filmmaker and the son of walter cronkite. chip was last here as a teenager in 1973 when his father received the first fourth estate award from the national press club and chip, glad to have you back and don't wait so long before coming back again. >> next to chip is david mariness. now associate editor at the washington post, co-author of two books and author of the book, president barack obama, the story. and next to david is tim wendelly, author of nine books, in
Jul 15, 2012 2:45pm EDT
in the rst saturday in je. and about four days afterwards i was cnn, and i ei an tonio the interview, the interviewee asked, governor, have the obama folks contacted you about possibly being a vice presidential candidate? [laughter] and he said, you're om a key wilu t lr clinton forces, you would help bring the party, unite the party together again. and i said, no, they haven't. and to be honest, i think they haveo intention of picki toeho, ire thepi presidential candidate, i wouldn't pick me to be vice president. [laughter] but then i couldn't resist, and midge always used to say that i have a lot of imp or little boy in the me. couldn't resi, i sod, oeove side, we'd be a great balanced ticket because i wear a flag pin, and he doesn't. this was in the time when senator obama was getting all sorts ofrief for not wearing a flag pin. at 2ceon ,ndoff the airt:3 it was david axlerod from chicago. [laughter] and david said i hope you know that not one person here in icago thought that was funny. [laughter] guot ae humor, or you'll never make it to november. well, let the record show they
Jul 21, 2012 11:00am EDT
divisions combined and cnn and msnbc. it's enormously successful. and if they abandon that business model, if fox news tomorrow said, all right, here's the new message from roger ailes, can't we all just get along? you know, we may not like what this president wants to do, but he's a good man, and we could probably find ways to work with him, i would guarantee you within a week there would be a wolf news channel that would take the old message, and the two-and-a-half million people at any given time would all gravitate over there. and that's where the money making would be. so it's very hard to change this stuff. how do you create a new public square where you can at least share a common set of facts and then debate hammer and tong over solutions? that's the challenge, and we discuss that a little bit. at the same time, getting to what mickey said, we've got to find ways to broaden the electorate. we are both big fans, all three of us having spent time in australia, are big fans of the australian system of mandatory attendance at the polls. i won't get into the details here, but basically
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)